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Pallet delivery with efficiency and care

Whether you choose Transfreight as your primary freight mover or use us to supplement your own transportation capacities, we are here to keep your business moving. Transfreight is specialised in managing your freight requirements with efficient and a high level of service.

Success built on putting customers first

Founded by Alan Walker in 1989, Transfreight is an Auckland success story built on unbeatable service, the highest standards and rock solid reliability. We are proud to be privately owned New Zealand Company that’s helping to drive the success of Auckland businesses.
Transfreight has now expanded with teams based in Hamilton and Tauranga offering a wider range of freight services within these areas.
Many of our clients have been with us since we started, and they include some of New Zealand’s leading brands.
We have a large range of modern and distinguished fleet, consisting of 1/4/8/12/24 Tonne Truck along with Trailer Units.

Advance Paperless Systems

Our dispatch systems are optimised to save time, eliminate paper and leave a reliable audit trail. It enables our customers to book their own deliveries. Once a job has been entered into our operational system, it is transmitted directly to our Driver’s tablet. Signatures are signed on glass for pick-up and delivery via their tablet. Within minutes of the job being completed, our customers can now access the proof of delivery online.
If you prefer to book your job over the phone, simply call us on 09 274 1427.
To open an account, all you need is to complete Transfreight Application Form and return to us!
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